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on this list achieved 50 or fewer catches for over 1,000 yards early in their careers, and if they were among the few able to repeat the feat, did so in seasons of close succession. This Men Tuukka Rask Jersey Elite White Chris Kelly Jersey is probably due to the fleeting nature of physical speed. One who is elite in speed usually has a short window. In addition, the receivers who didn’t transform into possession receivers later in their careers tended to fizzle out and leave the league. The most glaring exceptions to this tendency are Wesley Walker, who had two seasons with fewer than 50 receptions and over 1,000 yards that occurred 8 seasons apart and Harold Jackson, who didn’t accomplish the feat until his 12th season in the league. In soul first of our highflyer list is Elbert Dubenion, who in 1964 finished Kid Tuukka Rask Jersey the season with only 42 catches for over 1100 yards for the then AFL Youth Marc Savard Jersey Buffalo Bills. Averaging 27.1 yards per catch, he would have needed only 37 receptions to break the 1000 yard threshold. At 5’11” and 187 lbs, Dubenion is a bit shorter

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